Balicasag Island

Balicasag has gained popularity among many foreign and local divers not only because it is a flat island that's four kilometers southwest of the Doljo Point off just of Panglao Reef about 30-45 minutes from Panglao Island with a narrow reef about nine to 49.5 meters wide.

It is called the diver's haven because of its many features which comprise of many impressive arrays of fish and marine life. Another enthralling dive site in Turtle Point, a harbor for turtles of all sizes. Turtle Point lies on the eastern side of the island and highlights caves about 60 to 75 meters down. Located just on the southwest side is the Cathedral Wall, and the north side is The Royal Garden.  The Garden is profusely covered with corals that form a stimulant and more vigorous reef full of varied tropical fish. Last, but not least is the Black Coral Forest, where one gets the opportunity to swim through the black coral.

Cabilao Island

Cabilao, an island of 8 square kilometers is one of the several smaller Philippine islands located to the west of Bohol. The island is an outstanding site for scuba diving and snorkeling, for both novices and professional divers.

Diving in this area is centered in front of the Light House, with a depth of around 5-50 meters, this site guarantees meeting with various reef critters and sporadically sharks! Another site found near the island is the Coconut. It's a wall that drops down to 50 meters where sea gorgonian fans and black corals can be seen. Huge schools of barracudas and casual black-tipped reef sharks perch in this territory.

Pamilacan Island

On a secluded and distant side of Bohol and, southeast of Panglao lies Pamilacan Island, which is about 20 kilometers from Alona Beach. Its sole distance from the mainland has encouraged the dolphin and whale population and is also known for its barracudas and manta rays. The island is a jump off to an area where at least seven species of marine mammals, including Bryde's whale and sperm whales, have been sighted.

This site claims captivating sloped reefs with soft corals and coral heads. Aside from the white sand beach, the island is enriched with splendid dive sites nearby providing divers an exciting view of tunicates, sponges, anemones and massive gorgonians.

Habagat Shipwreck

Habagat Wreck dive site is placed at Danao Beach. At about a depth of 8-12 meters, this site has been deemed an easy dive and ideal for snorkeling. This Bohol diving site exhibits interesting sea life, and further down the steep slope at 35 meters sits a boat wreck. The wreck houses Tall Fin Batfish, Giant Angel Fish, Lion Fish, Groupers and the Harlequin Ghost Pipefish.


Garden Eels

Garden Eels, 4 kilometers from Alona Beach is yet another wonderful snorkeling site along the coasts of Panglao Island. Comparable to the Habagat Shipwreck, this site is also ranked an easy dive with a depth of only 8 meters. The site starts off with a beautiful bow-shaped cliff, followed by a magnificent coral garden on top of the wall. A myriad of small fish can be found here as well. Further down towards the bottom of the sandy slope, are some captivating and splendid Sand Eels. The Garden Eels site is ideal for night dives.

Cervera Shoal

Cervera Shoal is usually known as Snake Island or Spaghetti Reef due to the growing amount of sea snakes seen here. The site lies straight south of Panglao with a steep slope and a 300-meter wide sandbar. An bounty of black and white banded sea snakes, morays, nudibranchs and small reef fishes, some corals and bucket sponges can be seen here. The top teems with sea urchins and 100 feet further down, divers begin to see the sea snake colonies.

Doljo Point

Doljo Point located at Barangay Doljo in Panglao Island lies specifically northwest of the island and at its terminal tip. The beach is commended for its ethereal seashells, calm deep clear waters, and its ornate marine biodiversity. Its location and deep drop off give divers a good chance of seeing hammerhead sharks, manta rays, and whale sharks. The site has a breathtaking wall dive with multiple hard corals and sandy spots. Various cardinalfishes, gobies, nudibranchs, harlequin ghost pipefish and clown frogfish are found on this site.

Danao Reef

Danao Beach Reef is located off the southwestern point of Panglao Island just down from Alona beach. It's another excellent reef and wall dive, with a nearby location for fast and easy access for the entire family.


This is a long dive site good for 2 dives. It’s a wall/slope dive and it’s connected to Danao Beach. The depth ranges between 3 – 25m. There some fine blue and table corals as well as fine sea fans. There some banded pipefishes inhabiting this area, and there are some amazing nudibranchs to be found here. In the months May and June the Titan Triggerfishes can become really territorial.


Napaling is an easy wall dive (3 – 40m).

It’s an abrupt wall, with here & there some hangovers. During this dive, you have a big opportunity to see young barracudas and schooling bannerfish.

Rudy's Rock

Rudy’s rock is a deep drop-off wall that starts around 12m that goes down to 35m.

This wall is covered in soft and hard corals, small caverns and crevices.

The wall itself has some strong deep currents, this makes the hard and soft corals grow magnificent. The bucket sponges which attract the smaller reef fish and with them the larger schools of trevally, sweetlips and barracuda.

Pungtud Wall

The pungtud wall starts around 4 – 50m+. Here are wonderful hard and soft corals. Lots of small fish like fusiliers, anthias, and scorpionfishes. There’s also the chance of seeing ribbon eels.

Black Forrest

Black forrest is one of the main dive sites in Balicasag Island. The top of the wall is around 9-10 meters where there are a lot of garden eels, frogfishes, lionfishes, scorpionfishes & beautiful nudibranchs.

The wall then goes down to 30 meters and then slopes down to over the recreational depth limit. This site is notable for the huge school of trevally & barracuda. Green turtles are literally everywhere! This is the greatest dive site in the Bohol Triangle!

Rico's Wall

This is a drop-off wall in front of Balicasag Island resort. This dive site has many small caverns, ledges and reef over-hangings.

This is a really nice wall dive with lionfishes, midnight snappers and many different kinds of sweetlip fishes.


This is a wall with big overhangs, ledges, and gaps. On a sunny day, wonderful light reflects inside the cathedral. The wall goes down to 45m and starts really shallow around 4-6m.

The wall and overhangs have big and colorful sea fans. Here there are lots of shrimps hiding in between the gaps, as well as moray eels. Nudibranchs are scattered all over the place.

Divers Heaven

The title of this dive site says it all, this is really a ‘’divers heaven’’. This is a true fishbowl with beautiful fish & corals everywhere. This is a steep slope with the top at 10m which goes down to 30m. There are lots of green turtles to be seen here. Schools of big-mouth mackerel passing by regularly, red tooth triggerfishes and groupers are everywhere. There’s lots of macro stuff, like ghost pipefishes, banded pipefishes, leafy scorpionfishes, boxer shrimps and nudibranchs in this dive site.